WEEK OF SEPT. 15, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week I want you to do 3 sets of 8 (10sec.) reps using moderate weight and each rep lasting total of 10secs. You will slow your reps down and this will really help you concentrate on form and “Time Under Tension” of your muscle. So you will perform each exercise for 8 reps, each rep will be 5 secs. during concentric phase and 5 secs. during eccentric phase for a total of 10secs, for a total of 3 sets. Once you have completed 3 sets of 8 (10sec) reps, you will move on to the next exercise and repeat for all exercises. By slowing down your movements you will cause your muscle fibers to be “engaged” longer causing more micro tears….resulting in rebuilding of lean muscle. Another great benefit of slowing down your movement is to focus on good form and also create a better “mind-muscle connection” for the exercises you are performing. Enjoy and if you have any questions, email me ¬†



3DAYGYM #915


5DAYGYM #915


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