Coaches Notes: This week we are going for high reps with lighter weight (2 sets of 30 reps). Training with light loads (30% max) can result in the same protein synthesis and muscle building as training with heavy loads (90% max), providing you take those high reps to failure. To ensure muscle growth, the motor units must be fatigued. I want you to take the reps to the point of not being able to achieve full range of motion (ROM) rep with perfect form. When choosing the weight, I want it to be light, but not too light. If you pick a weight that you can easily do 30 reps with, it is too light and you will not benefit form this workout. So pick a weight that you make you work for 30 reps, even if you have to take a short break to complete the last 10 reps or so. The tempo I want you to follow is: When doing the “shortening phase” (concentric) this can be fast, followed by an intense squeeze of the muscle and then perform the “lengthening phase” (eccentric) at a rate under control. When you do high rep training the right way, you can build new muscle and train more frequently because it’s less stressful to the central nervous system and joints. If you have questions email me

3 DAY HOME #107

3 DAY GYM #107

5 DAY HOME #107

5 DAY GYM #107

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