WEEK OF OCT. 27,2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we are continuing with 3 sets of Drop Reps except we are doing 25,20,15 Reps. 1st set I want you to perform 25 reps, 2nd set I want you to perform 20 reps, and 3rd set I want you to perform 15 reps then move on to the next exercise and do the same sequence. In between each set I want you to rest 45 secs. We are working on our muscle endurance by performing high reps with low weight, keep the intensity up throughout the entire workout and always use good form! If you have questions or comments just email me… . Enjoy!!


3DAYHOME #1027

3 DAY GYM #1027

5DAYHOME #1027

5DAYGYM #1027

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