WEEK OF OCT. 20, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week I want you to do 3 rounds (circuits) of drop circuit (20, 15, 10 reps) using light weight. 1st round you will perform each exercise 20 reps once through, 2nd round you will perform each exercise 15 reps once through, 3rd (last) round you will perform each exercise for 10 reps once through. Remember to perform each side for the correct reps, for example when performing glute kickbacks….you will perform left leg 20 reps then right leg 20 reps for the 1st round then on to the next exercise. Focus on good form using smooth movements and high intensity. During the last round, I really want you to focus on 10 good reps of each exercise, squeezing the muscle and really concentrating on the muscle you are building…..This is where you do more than you have in past, to be better for tomorrow!! If you have questions email me and have a GREAT week!!


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