WEEK OF NOV 24, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we will be doing 4 rounds of circuit style workout, with 12 reps of each exercise using light weight.  Remember you will do each exercise for 12 reps then on to the next exercise for 12 reps and so on until you have competed all the exercises and this equals 1 round, repeat for total of 4 rounds. This is possible a short week with Thanksgiving, so do your best to get all your days workouts in…..good week to burn off some extra calories and maybe do a bonus round (#5) if you have time and are feeling you want a little challenge! Focus on good form and high intensity. If you have questions email me,


3 DAY HOME #1124

3DAY GYM #1124

5 DAY HOME #1124

5 DAY GYM #1124


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