WEEK OF MAY 5, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we will be doing 4 set of 12 reps using moderate weight with emphasis on Uni Lateral exercises. When doing each exercise concentrate on good form and using controlled movements. You want to pay especially close attention to “engaging” your core muscles before starting the Uni Lateral exercises. When lifting a weight only on one side, your body has to compensate and hold yourself level on a bench or from falling over when doing upright lifts. Uni Lateral exercises are not only great for core muscles, but also for focusing on strengthening a “weaker” muscle or side. A lot of times when you are using a machine or barbell (bi lateral lifts), your stronger (more dominant) side will compensate for your weaker side. When ¬†doing Uni Lateral exercises you are able to focus on each side individually and help to better strengthen your weaker side. Use this week to really focus on building your core with each exercise and focusing on each individual sides specific muscles. Enjoy!! Coach Keith


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