WEEK OF MARCH 24, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we will be doing 4 Circuits using moderate weight. Circuits are performed by doing 15 reps of exercise A, then 15 reps of exercise B…..15 reps of exercise C, ect. Once you have completed all exercises one time through (15 reps with each) that will equal 1 Circuit, repeat for a total of 4 circuits. Rest should be minimal, 30-45secs. in between each exercise, just enough time to set up for new exercise. You will be moving through a few different exercise, but make sure you are ALWAYS using GOOD FORM, with slow and controlled movements. Remember we are building muscle with a purpose, not just going in and lifting weights! Enjoy and email if you have questions. Coach Keith



3 DAY HOME #324

3 DAY GYM #324

5 DAY HOME #324

5 DAY GYM #324

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