WEEK OF JUNE 23, 2014

COACHES NOTES: Great job on getting through last week, it was a tough and challenging one!! This week will seem like a walk in the park…or will it?! This week I want you to do 4 sets of 15 reps using a moderate weight. If you are doing the 5 day workouts, the second half of your week will include super setting with cardio accelerators…but just 15 reps per side (not 90secs. this week). Remember when super setting you will do Exercise “A” for 15 reps both sides (if unilateral – one side at a time) then Exercise “B” for 15 reps and this equals 1 set. Repeat that combo for total of 4 sets then move onto the next exercises. Really focus building your muscle this week with slow controlled movements, no swinging! Always use good form! Enjoy, Coach Keith



3DAYGYM #623


5DAYGYM #623

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