WEEK OF JUNE 16, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week you received two workouts, first was longer & second was shorter version (with no super set slides and less workouts). I will be posting the “Shorter” version here on the site. Because of the changes I made on the revised shorter version, the odd and even does NOT necessarily sync up. So I want you to Do the strength exercises for 60secs. If they are Uni-lateral (one side) make sure you do each side for 60 secs. Then I want you to do 90 secs. of the cardio accelerators, these are the exercises used to increase your heart rate. These do NOT necessarily fall into even and odd, as the original slide says, so take a look at the list below and make an educated guess….either way you will get a great workout!!

CARDIO ACCELERATORS (90secs.): Speed Skater, Toe taps, Step ups, Jumping Jacks, Mt. climbers, Side to side, Fire feet, Knee cross crunch, High knees, and In-out shuffle.



3DAYGYM #616


5DAYGYM #616

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