WEEK OF JULY 21, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we will be concentrating on slowing down your reps and really focusing on building your muscles, NOT just lifting weights. I want you to slow both your eccentric and concentric phase down, by doing a 5-8sec. count on each phase. Remember, eccentric phase is your “negative” or lengthening of your muscle fibers and concentric phase is your “positive” or shortening of your muscle fibers. By doing this, you will be accomplishing a few things. First you will be creating a longer “mind to muscle” connection which will help you focus  more on which lifts/movements build which muscles.  Second you will be increasing the “time under tension” of your muscle fibers. A great analogy I like to use is think of your muscle fibers as velcro…you want to keep your fibers under as much tension as possible…so by slowing down your reps you will keep those fibers “connected” longer and the more chance you will have of growing your muscles and increasing size. Third you will be able to focus on using correct form and not using momentum or incorrect form. Slowing down your reps will give you more time to set up, thus making sure the biomechanics (movements) of the lift are correct. Focus on good form and enjoy this week. If you have questions email me,



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