COACHES NOTES: This week the first half of the week we are working on “Drop Sets” with our last (4) set of each exercise. You will do 4 sets of 15 reps using moderate weight and after you complete your 15 reps on 4th set, you will drop your weight (roughly 50%) and so as many reps as you can to exhaust your muscles. The purpose of the “Drop Set” is to push your muscles past your normal threshold with lighter weight on few more sets. The second half (Thursday and Friday) of the week of the 5 days workouts we will be doing cardio accelerators. When you do Cardio Accelerators make sure you are keeping your intensity up when performing.  Make sure you are always using good form and smooth movements. We are building muscles, not just lifting weights……Attack each exercise with a purpose and not just going through the motions.

Enjoy, Coach Keith



3 DAY HOME #127

3 DAY GYM #127

5 DAY HOME #127

5 DAY GYM #127

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