COACHES NOTES: This week we will be doing circuits again, 3 circuits (rounds) of 15 reps using light to moderate weight. Remember  you will be performing 15 reps of each exercise, then move on to the next….until you have completed all the exercises once through and this equals 1 circuit (round). Repeat for a total of 3 circuits (rounds). Remember when you are doing uni-lateral exercises (working one side of the body at a time) always do 15 reps per side (15 left & 15 right) then move on to the next exercise. Limit your rest between exercises and rest for minute or so after you have completed a circuit (round). Keep your intensity up! There will be some exercises that challenge you this week, so the best you can using light weight. The Gym Workouts will include the cable machines, I know you may not have the same cable machine, but should have one you can make work.  Focus on good form and controlled movements throughout entire workout. Also if you are feeling “Frisky” do another round…..Push yourself just a little  more outside your comfort zone! Email if you have questions and Enjoy this weeks workouts!!

Coach Keith


3 DAY HOME #84

3 DAY GYM #84

5 DAY HOME #84

5 DAY GYM #84

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