COACHES NOTES: This week we will be keeping with our “higher” intensity workouts and doing AMRAP within 60secs. AMRAP is As Many Reps As Possible. So you will have to use a stopwatch/clock/counter on smartphone this week.

Beginnerhome workout you will perform 3 sets of 12 reps using just bodyweight or light weight. Perform Exercise A for 12 reps (1 set), then rest for 60-120secs, then 12 reps (2nd set), rest for 60-120secs., then 12 reps (3rd set). Then move on to Exercise B doing the same, 3 sets and repeat for all the Exercises. I want you to watch the video on each exercise (click on video camera lower left of exercise slide) and focus on good form. It is not how much weight you are lifting, but concentrate more on using good form and moving body through full range of motion (ROM). Make sure you are doing slow and controlled movements with good form.


3dayhome, 3daygym, and 5dayhome workouts you will perform each exercise for 60secs and do As Many Reps As Possible (AMRAP) within that 60secs using good form, rest for 60secs and move on to the next exercise….until all exercises have been done once thru for 60secs. Repeat for a total of 3 Circuits (rounds).

5daygym workout you will perform each exercise for 3 sets of 60sec. AMRAP. So you will perform Exercise A for 60secs. doing AMRAP then rest and repeat Exercise A for total of 3 sets, then Move on to Exercise B for 3 sets of AMRAP, then Exercise C for 3 sets of AMRAP, until you have completed all the exercises.

We are not concerned with how many reps you get done within the 60secs, just that they are QUALITY reps done with good form and controlled movements.

Enjoy and if you have questions, email me








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