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September 6, 2017 





Detox is an important way to kick off any nutritional program but it’s not a one-time thing. It’s like cleaning the house; it must be revisited. In this challenge, we’re going to take a BIG step past detox into metabolism repair. This will require some commitment on your part, and an earnest desire to get well.  That may include fat loss if that’s your goal. Primarily, detox and metabolism repair is for overall good health.

I hope that you will always eat clean, wholesome foods and keep sugar in check. I hope that you try to balance your macros (protein/fat/carb) and put a variety of colors on your plate. Maybe not every meal and sometimes not every day, but as an overall way of eating. The detox and metabolism repair phases gets your body ready to help you do this. How long detox lasts depends, in part, on how damaged your metabolism is (via yo-yo diets and processed foods). Expect anywhere from 7-21 days. Skipping the processed foods, limiting the sugar and hydrating throughout the day will make a significant difference in the success of your detox.

It seems impossible that you’ll crave vegetables more often than french fries, but it’s generally true, you will. The cleaner you eat, the more this will be the case. Yes, there will still be wedding cake, pizza, burgers and french fries. This is a lifelong quest for health, not a diet. So, recognize that life happens and enjoy it. However, when your mainstay is clean, lean meats, organic produce and hormone-free/grass fed dairy (for those who use dairy), you’ll notice the obvious side effects of cake, and will desire it less as you associate the headache or lack of energy that comes with it. Throughout life, when you feel the effects of a bad diet choice, rebound with a good detox and you’ll be back on track. For more information on types of detox read Everyday detoxPoor choice detox and Sugar; friend or foe. Time to detox!

#1 Eat whole foods that are minimally processed and free of toxins. Skip the alcohol during detox. Please spend some time menu planning and join us for the Jump Start 2.0 challenge to really get to the bottom of what’s holding your metabolism back from burning bright.

#2 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink as much plain water as you need to keep your output (urine) a pale yellow. Some use the equation of half your body weight in ounces as a guideline (a 200 pound person would drink 100 ounces) but for your personal guidelines go by urine color when you can. When consuming Vitamin C supplements, use the equation instead as C effects urine color. Coffee has water, yes, as does juice but these don’t count towards your water goal. One of my very best tips for your metabolism is drinking a full glass of room temperature water the moment you wake up. Do it before you eat, dress, drink your coffee or anything else. It is a real jump start and will help with constipation as well.

#3 Reduce your stress and increase your sweat! These actions will increase the speed and effectiveness of your detox. They can also improve your happiness substantially.

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