On The Road To Clean Eating

March 7, 2017 




We’re on the road to improvement, or at least I hope we are.  No matter how far down the path you’ve made it, redefining eating for your best life continues to require focus and awareness. And a plan; especially if your good habits are not completely formed yet. 

#1 Understand your goals and set them.

Forbes cited a study that found people who wrote down their goals were 42% more likely to achieve them. Know where you want to go and set appropriate SMALL STEPS to get there. Don’t expect it overnight, but go into it with a plan to succeed.

#2 Look at your relationship with food.

My childhood was filled with trauma from multiple directions. The very happiest times were spent with family at the dinner table. I associated food with joy and comfort. I also found that controlling my life from bad things began with controlling my food. I was able to say no to squash, even if it meant missing my favorite show going on in the next room. It was my first step to controlling my own life, even if it wasn’t a healthy control. Once I understood my motivation for control, I replaced the bad behaviors with good ones.

#3 Budget your choices.

Calories in should equal calories out to maintain your current weight. However, not all calories are the same. If you’re good with money, this may resonate with you. If you have 1500 per month, you will likely spend it on rent, utilities and food first. Then comes gas, clothing, school supplies, etc. Following those, come the extras. How often do you throw your cash out without receiving something for it? Calories are like that; you want something in return! Logging is key here, like setting a budget. Spend your calories wisely on nutrition that will help your cells mend and fight disease. Empty calories give you nothing in return and will likely cause excess fat gain and worsen illness.

#4 Explore your resources.

Find cookbooks, Pinterest boards and nearby restaurants that cater to your view of food as fuel. Enjoyable fuel. See video I posted the other day on Pinterest. For MyFitnessPal, check on these “how to” videos if you’re interested.… The App I mentioned in my talk was Buycott (identifying products that mesh with your ethics).

#5 Let go of failure.

It’s not a failure to eat something unhealthy or make a bad decision unless you don’t learn from it. Beating yourself up is the #1 way to repeat the act. Forgiveness and learning is how you move forward.”

#6 Surround yourself with support Find people that authentically live the life you want to work towards. Not those that just look good on facebook.  Find your support.

Whether it’s friends, family, or a support group like My1FitLife, find people that understand your journey and support you on making this the best life. Surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed and cheer you on. You deserve nothing but the best and we all need people who want nothing but the best for us. Find your tribe.



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