Juicing or blending – it’s a personal choice

February 21, 2017 



Juicing or blending?? It’s a question I’m asked regularly, and one many clean eaters eventually delve into.  They are two very different choices, and each has advantages.  In the end, it comes down to personal choice and nutritional needs. The two most noticeable differences are texture and nutrient availability in the end product.

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I juice because I don’t care for the pithy texture of carrots, celery and apples from a blender. I like those to be pure liquid so I run them through the juicer. The juicer shoots the pulp out the back which I use in cooking, dog food or chicken feed. I enjoy the juice as is or as a base for a smoothie which I make in the blender. The downside of juicing is the clean up (which has greatly improved in the latest juicers) and more importantly, the loss of phytonutrients that are removed or reduced during the juicing process. 

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When blending, I use a Vitamix. It creates a thick and creamy end product with no surprise chunks. I put all kinds of items into the blender and maintain the nutrients that are stored in the peels and pulp that would be discarded during juicing. A wide variety of fruits, kale, spinach, zucchini and a number of other vegetables all break down to create ultimate nutrition in a smooth, rich drink. Because the blender can break down vegetables and fruits, you get the entire nutrition that a typical eater doesn’t usually take the time to break down in chewing. Don’t get me wrong, chewing is important for kickstarting your production of digestive enzymes so a combination of something chewy before a nutrient dense smoothie is a thumbs up!

An advantage to buying organic produce is the ability to toss in unpeeled fruit and vegetable to get the best it has to offer.  Many key nutrients are held in the peels.  My personal weapon against an oncoming cold, is half an organic lemon, a knob of fresh prepared ginger, 1/3 of an organic cucumber and a bit of parsley.  Blend on high with water and drink straight down.  Delicious? No, not a daily drink, but effective? Every time!

blender juicing cucumber celery lemon

If you only have the budget for one, I would choose the high powered blender every time.  I have a juicer but rarely use it.  When I need a quick juice, I use the blender and a strainer for fast and easy.  Cheers to your health! ~Lorrie

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