Tips to Get the Sleep You Need


We all know by now that sleep is an intricate part of living a healthy lifestyle. Unfortunately, it is just not easy for some people to get all the sleep they should have. There are many reasons why people struggle to get enough rest between the busyness of your lifestyle to the restlessness in your mind. There are some things you can try that will help you get the sleep you need so you can have a good amount of energy to live your best life.

If you find yourself not getting enough sleep, you want to make sure you are not watching TV or working on the computer, or the tablet or your cell phone, at least two hours before you go to bed. Not only is all of that information stimulating to the brain and cause your brain to be highly stimulated when you are trying to go to sleep, but also the light from these electronics are so bright that it also stimulates the mind and body by imitating daylight. Our brains can process screen light as sunlight and throw off our internal clocks without us even realizing it.

Another no-no is heavy exercise close to bedtime. That may seem backwards because you think you are tiring you body out for deep sleep, when again you are really stimulating your body and raising your body temperature which makes it harder to go to sleep.  Something you can try is taking a hot bath right before bed. Although your internal body temperature will rise while you are in the bath tub, but when you get out your body temperature will immediately drop which will give you more of a crashing effect. The steam from the bath is also credited with relaxing your mind.

No matter what, you have to find a way to get a full night’s sleep as often as possible. If you ever think sleep is not important, remember the quality of your life depends on it.

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