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While coaching our Quest members to eat whole foods, convenience continued to be a common concern.  Packaged foods seemed an inevitable solution to many of their roadblocks.  While it’s good to keep packaged food to a minimum, packaged doesn’t have to mean highly processed.  Their second concern was not having a nearby store that they could find the “clean” stuff.  A relatively new shopping option called Thrive Market is a great option for these items to supplement your clean eating lifestyle at reasonable prices.

Yesterday I went about town looking for stores to compare their pricing. I wasn’t surprised that Trader Joe’s didn’t have many of my randomly selected items as they carry their own line.  At other stores, I really expected to see that Thrive was competitive but not the great deal it turned out to be!  Prices change daily, so this is a picture of one day’s shopping at a US healthy grocer chain, Amazon online, a traditional grocery store and Thrive.  I plan to expand my search to Walmart and others.

If you’ve run out of options for clean products in your town, visit!



Screen shot 2015-05-29 at 12.39.18 PM

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