The Dirt On Greens

How do they compare?

Have you ever noticed how many people choose a “healthy” lunch of salad bar when they are attempting to lose weight or get healthier? This is a great start, no doubt.  However, when you end up selecting iceberg lettuce and ranch, are you really doing yourself a favor?

Fatty dressings aside, not all leafy greens are equal. While many of them have similar minerals to offer, some are vastly better for you than others. If you’ve never compared the nutritional values of greens, today is the day.

I’ve created this chart for easy comparison. On the left, you’ll find that kale is one of the healthiest greens around while far to the right, iceberg has little to offer. Next time you are tossing a salad or blending a smoothie, utilize this to choose wisely! Bon Appetite!


Dirt on Greens Data

based on data from, based on 1 Cup Chopped

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