Sweet Potato Taco


Sometimes it isn’t complicated.  There are times that it all just comes together with just what you have on hand.  Take this potato I have on a regular basis for breakfast or lunch, following a family taco night.  This combination of leftovers piled atop a white sweet potato provides me with the good carbs I often lack. I prefer the white sweets as their texture is more similar to a white potato and they are less sweet, which is my preference. This little pile of goodness makes for a perfect morning or midday meal. Adding taco meat takes it to a protein level perfect for pre or post workout.

pintos refried homemade

1 small sweet potato, or half a large 
1/2 cup of homemade pintos (or canned)
1/4 cup of salsa
2 slices of fresh avocado or 2 T of homemade guacamole

Bake the sweet potato and cut lengthwise in half.  If you have a pre-cooked leftover potato, even better (but be sure and reheat). Pile everything on top and enjoy!

Calories 222 : Carbs 38 : Fat 5 : Protein 8 : Sugar 5


If you’re watching your fat intake, be sure and measure your avocado!  Eyeballing 2 T can end up looking something like this… 

sweet potato guac salsa beans4

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