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No Excuses, No Regrets – Let’s see RESULTS challenge!

Monday, July 7 – Sunday, August 3rd

Biggest prize yet… you don’t want to miss out on this challenge!

Organize into teams by region. We need a leader in each region. Post on the page to start a team in your region. Define your home city and anyone willing to travel to that city may be in the region (regardless of actual location). The bigger the better as far as these teams!

You may collaborate between Discovery and Expedition pages. We have created a special closed group to do so. Please ask to join Here is the No Excuses, No Regrets Challenge Page. Please use this page to collaborate across Discovery and Expedition.

Groups should be formed by 7/7 as this is the start date of the challenge.

Each team member must:

  • Record starting weight and submit to team leader on 7/7
  • List your #1 excuse that stops you from total success… post this on a team thread (to be started by the group leader)
  • Post one (1) NSV each week (thread to be started by team leader) to tell everyone how you kicked your excuse to the curb that week
  • Record ending weight on 8/3 and submit to team leader.


Leader is responsible for the following (leader may ask others on the team for help):

  • Recording each member’s starting weight
  • Starting a thread for your group’s excuses
  • Starting a weekly thread for your group’s NSVs
  • Ensuring each member has posted their excuse and weekly NSV
  • Recording each member’s ending weight, calculate % of total weight lost, along with leader’s certification that excuses were kicked to the curb as stated above


The team with the highest % lost who kicked their excuses to the curb per the above will win…

We’re not telling yet… we will reveal clues as the challenge goes on. You won’t want to miss it!!!

**Prize limited to US regions. Regions outside of the US may still participate and will receive an alternative prize.

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