So, you’ve got the workouts down but eating clean eludes you. If you’re facing yet another year of confusion in the kitchen, grocery store or restaurant, or have specific nutritional challenges that would benefit from a Certified Nutritional Consultant, we can help.

$55 / Hour

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Lorrie, 1fw Director of Nutrition, is expanding her services to our 1fw community and followers. Beginning in January, she’ll be meeting with clients one on one or in small group, in person or by telephone and live video calls.

If you’re still reading, it might mean that you’re experiencing a problem you’re trying to solve. A great question to ask yourself is how long have you been trying to solve this problem? If it’s been awhile, it might be time to get help. Read on to see if this is the solution you’ve been hoping for.

What can you expect from your meetings with Lorrie?

 A confidential nutritional analysis; personalized with recommendations for your current health, capabilities and goals

 An education in basic nutrition, which will evolve as you need it to

 How to prep and meal plan for success

 A prescription that most doctors won’t provide – foods for vitalityLorrie talking copy

 Special dietary suggestions for common chronic illnesses


 Personalized homework and follow up for heart and mind blocks

 Worksheets for identifying food intolerances
Recommended dietary changes and identification of nutritional deficiencies

 Diet log review and feedback

 Coaching for overcoming the days of poor choices

 Everything from grocery shopping to cooking classes

Who can benefit from Lorrie’s services? Anyone who wants to:

 Improve their own health or the health of a loved one

 Teach their children how to eat to thrive

 Eliminate chronic illness and discomfort by learning about toxins in their every day life

 Lose excess weight and find balance

 Learn how to cook clean, easy and on budget

 Achieve life goals that are currently stagnant due to health issues

 Know more about clean eating but is overwhelmed by the misinformation on the internet, food labels and in the news

 Know more about diet than their doctor is willing or able to tell them

 Feel the vitality that they know is possible, but is currently elusive

Lorrie McFadden, CNC, is dedicated to empowering others with the recognition that a happy life is created one healthy choice at a time. She educates clients starting with the basics of nutrition and positive self care. Her focus is on helping people understand their unique tastes, challenges and life goals; and supports them in taking small steps each day to reclaim their health and their life. Lorrie is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, expanding to include holistic certifications in Nutritional Therapy and Life Coaching. Other activities include growing her own food, writing, public speaking and serving nutritious meals at community homeless shelters in Portland, OR.

“Take the fear, confusion and time out of learning what your body needs to thrive. Let me help you understand how to utilize your unique challenges, tastes and goals to live your life fully and in great health. You deserve everything this life has to offer. What we eat is the foundation of how we live and who we are.” ~Lorrie McFadden