Below are sample menus for differing caloric intake days of eating. By logging food ahead, you can play with various options you are going to eat throughout the day.  Your goal is to try and keep your healthy fats around 15-20%, your protein around 30-35% and your healthy carbs (primarily from vegetables) around 50%.


1500 calories with a macros of 44% carbs, 22% fat and 34% protein.

vegan menu sample


Macros: 49% Carbs, 31% Protein and 20% Fat. This one is just under 1750 calories.

Vegetarian Sample Menu

Meal Sample 1

Disclaimer: Please note that caloric and nutritional information are established by MyFitnessPal and their members.  They have not been verified by 1fw and are intended for sample use only.


Meal 2


Meal 3


Meal 4


Meal 5

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