Is there a shopping list?

The full list is on the website at  A printable version is located here. Some helpful shopping tips and locations here.

Where can I find recipes recommended or created by 1fw?

There are two locations:  1fw on Pinterest and 1fw recipes.  Don’t have a Pinterest account?  It’s free and it’s the best cookbook you’ll ever find!  Open a free account today.

Can you help me with my food budget?

Yes. Here’s a blog I wrote on grocery budgeting.

I don’t know what to eat! Are there suggestions?

Plenty!  Visit our Pinterest Boards for a number of clean options and ideas or 1fw recipes.

I can’t seem to get this label reading down. Can you help?

You bet! Read this blog on labels.

 Are milk and cheese okay to eat and drink? 
At the very minimum, all dairy from a cow should be antibiotic and hormone free!  This is very important. Once you make the switch, whether you continue with dairy will be up to your physical reaction to it.  Please read this blog on the dairy debate.

What are good sources of Protein?

What protein powder do you recommend?

Due to the ever-changing processing and utilization of unclean ingredients, we no longer go on record with a specific protein powder.  Go to the Quest group page and ask what members use.  Coaches and members will update you on the latest information.  Or look here for Lorrie’s favorite products!

What do you think of Shakeology, Arbonne and other similar products?

I’m not a fan. They are overpriced, over processed and usually have food additives and preservatives to maintain freshness.  For freshness, go for the real deal and eat real food.  There is a reason that many of these products’ websites don’t share their ingredients.  Be sure and check the label for preservatives, excess metals and refined or artificial sugar content each time you consider a “miracle product” like these.  Are there worse things out there? Absolutely, but let’s raise the bar, shall we?

Is there a healthy protein bar I can buy?

Unfortunately, most bars for sale are high in sugar and fat and are proportionally low in protein. We have not yet found one we can recommend except to carry in your emergency kit (which can be a lifesaver!). Although high in fat and sugar, RxBars© and SOME of the Kind Bars© are the cleanest I’ve found.

Can I drink alcohol on the 1fw program?

That depends on you. Alcohol can take you in the opposite direction of your goals. It has no nutritional value and can throw off your percentages. It also impairs your judgment. A drink before ordering food can end with an unhappy you in the morning! If you feel the desire to have a drink, vodka with lime or lemon is a good option. A splash of carbonated water or a small amount of unsweetened cranberry juice is good, too. Just keep the sugar as low as possible.

Are there foods I can’t have on the 1fw program?

Everything is allowed. Some things are discouraged only because they will take you far from your goals. Even if we write “never” or “always”, that’s just us stressing the good and the bad. Just remember, you write your own rules, we only tell you what takes you forward and what takes you backwards. The rest is up to you. This isn’t a diet. After a few times of skipping what you think you want, you’ll find that it’s exactly what you don’t want. That’s how amazing good health is!

Is it normal to feel terrible during detox?

Yes, it is. Most of us have gone through it. Headaches, body aches, flu-like symptoms, moodiness, sadness, you name it, someone’s felt it. These are all common during your second week of detox. Hang on because after week 3, a burst of energy awaits you.  .

Where do I log my food?

Open a free account with My Fitness Pal:

Am I expected to log food forever?

No, definitely not. You will log for 3 months or until you become comfortable with your food choices, understanding what they do for you. MFP will teach you about your habits and choices on portions, fats, sugars, proteins and carbs. It will transform the way you look at food.

What are whole foods?  Food that has been processed or refined as minimally as possible and is free from additives or other artificial ingredients. For more, read

Getting Started with Whole Foods

Where can I get tips on healthy products vs bad? helps but it doesn’t generally concern itself with the clean ingredients that we look for.  For the best advice, post a label on the community page and hear back from coaches and members.

I don’t recognize this ingredient. What is it?

For more ingredients, you can search here.  I can’t confirm the accuracy of this site, however.

Will I have to give up “___” forever?

You don’t have to give up anything but you’ll want to when you realize it is taking you away from what you want – a fit and healthy life. When you reach your goal, you can add back in things that you gave up but will likely do it sparingly to stay consistent with your current healthy lifestyle.

Is it better to eat all my calories recommended or stop eating after dinner?

Eating all of your calories is your first goal.  Pre-logging will help you greatly in this area.  Eating the majority of your calories during the hours that you will burn them is key. However, should you reach the evening with a deficit of calories, opt for lean protein and naturally low fat/low sugar carbs such as dark greens.

Is there a clean almond milk I can buy?

Well, the bad news first: there is no clean almond milk that you don’t make yourself. So-so news: As of today’s writing, Silk, Blue Diamond and So Delicious brands are better than most. Great news, almond milk making is satisfying and SO easy. Just a few minutes of your time and you can have fresh, delicious and nutritious “milk”. Video:

I want to eat more veggies but how do I control the gas they cause me?

This is a real issue for many. Some vegetables cause more gas than others – cauliflower, broccoli and beans can have this effect on most people. My advice is to vary your veggies. These particular veggies are great to include in your diet but perhaps not all at the same time. Spread them out and in between use dark greens, peppers, sweet potatoes and those than don’t affect you.  Whatever you eat, CHEW WELL! This makes a big difference in how it’s digested since digestion begins in the mouth for carbs (vegetables are carbs). Adding ginger, cinnamon, flax and peppermint to your eating will help.  I use a drop of essential oil of peppermint after eating if something isn’t settle in right.

Should I juice or blend… or both?

Here’s my spiel on juicing and blendering. Two different beasts – both valuable but one more healthy than the other. The two main differences are texture and nutrient consumption. I juice (with a Breville Juice Fountain) because I don’t like the texture of pulpy carrot and apple juice. I like those to be pure liquid so I run them through the juicer. It shoots the pulp out the back which I use in cooking, dog food or compost. The juice then is consumed as juice or as the base for a smoothie which is made in the blender. I use a Vitamix because it creates a thick, creamy and nutrient filled end product, which I like. I put all kinds of items in the Vitamix Blender to maintain the nutrients that are stored in the peels and pulp. Kale, Spinach, fruit, zucchini and other veggies all break down to create ultimate nutrition but have a nice texture. Because the blender can break down your vegetables and fruits, you get the entire nutrition that your mouth doesn’t usually take the time to break down. IT’S ALL GOOD STUFF!  But it I had to choose, blenders are the one. 

Is Paleo better than eating vegan or vegetarian?

Everyone who finds a way of eating that works for their bodies feels the need to share it with the world which is fantastic! What’s not so great is the “selling” of the idea as one size fits all. There is no single eating plan or methodology that serves every kind of body.  Watch Lorrie’s opinion on Meal Plans. Try things but keep it whole and clean. Take a stab at this or that, but know going in that the only one who can write your eating program is you. During our challenges, we have 12 weeks to discover what works best for you. That’s a drop in the bucket of time but it will pay off in the choices you make for a lifetime.

Is is okay to skip the organic if you’re not eating the outside or peel of the fruit or vegetable?

Mostly true.  You’re safer eating organic if you’re eating the peel and that’s the rule I used when I couldn’t recall the dirty dozen or clean 15. Check it out:

Why do you recommend protein powder but not an item like PB2?  Aren’t they both processed?

Processing is defined a number of ways.  From highly to lightly, processing happens whenever you alter a whole food.  To some, that includes cooking it.  While protein powder may be processed, good ones come from dehydrated whole ingredients. PB2, on the other hand, started that way but was stripped of nutrients to reduce the fat. Because peanut butter is readily available everywhere, I don’t feel that there is a need for a nut butter replacement as there are so many other good options.  Yes, you have to reduce your fat elsewhere for fat loss, but at least you’re doing it with whole foods – and that’s what we’re here for. Protein, being a critical component of nutrition and fat loss is hard to get enough of at times which is why I recommend a clean protein powder for those that struggle with getting enough.

Is there a gluten free bread you can recommend?

Short answer, make your own with Bob’s Red Mill’s GF flour.

Long answer – When your body says that a certain food doesn’t work for you, it’s my recommendation that you try to work without it OR a substitute until you assimilate whole, minimally processed foods in a brand new balance. When I couldn’t have cheese, I just cut it out and didn’t replace it. Once I realized that its importance to me wasn’t going away, I sought out options that were healthy, tasty and somewhat as comforting. Had I gone straight to them, they would have never compared to the real thing. But once it was a distant memory, they stacked up nicely. What I’ve noticed in marketing is a HUGE surge in giving people replacement foods. Can’t live without dairy but don’t want the fat? Low fat dairy! Don’t like veggies? Powdered greens. Don’t want high calorie peanut butter? PB2. None of these substitutes are minimally processed and range from somewhat clean to not at all.  It’s the same with Gluten. Natural replacements may be clean but they don’t compare with the texture so manufacturers artificially enhance their products to simulate the soft texture. If you know gluten is a no for you, try the paleo diet for a while to establish new foods. Then, when you’re ready to establish a new relationship to gluten free products, find the cleanest on the market or make your own.

Are the meal delivery services any good?

Some are great! I don’t personally use them, I try to cook my own whenever possible. I’d opt for the ones that deliver the ingredients with a recipe. Whether they are the one that’s right for you depends on what you value in a service. Ingredient quality? Price? Allergy specialists? To find the one that works for you, check out the reviews and what the reviewer prized most.

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