Pantry Collage2Prep for your start date by doing some kitchen and pantry clean up. If you don’t have unhealthy food in the house, it is much more likely that you will stay on track. Try to avoid boxed items with long ingredient lists or that are high in sugar and sodium. Keep lots of fresh herbs on hand to season and marinade your foods with healthy flavor.

Once you toss the packaged stuff and reacquaint yourself with real food, there’s so much to choose from. Anything from the whole-foods list and more!

DSC_1860• Vegetables: These are unlimited but it’s especially important to get variety, including spinach, kale, broccoli, peppers, sweet potatoes, beets, Brussels sprouts, cucumber and any leafy green. The darker the color, the better!

• Fruits: Berries, avocado, tomatoes, bananas, lemons, limes, oranges, mangos and apples to name a few. Limit grapes and other high sugar fruits for your first 12 weeks.

• Herbs: Strive to make your seasonings and marinades from scratch. This is always easier when you have fresh herbs on hand. Keep parsley, cilantro, basil, ginger, thyme and rosemary at the ready.

• Nuts: Raw and unsalted are best, almonds are a favorite. Almond butter– fresh ground is best – and unsweetened vanilla almond milk.  Peanut butter is fine but harder to portion control for many because it tastes so good!

IMG_3335• Lean Meats, Poultry, Fish, Eggs (unless you are a vegan or vegetarian).  Stick to organic meats and eggs as much as you can.

• Grains: Choose steel cut and regular oatmeal, quinoa and brown rice.

• Sweets: Coconut Sugar is healthier than synthetic or highly processed products and very low on the glycemic scale. Cacao Dark Chocolate made with only a few ingredients is a treat. Select those without refined sugar or added fillers and made with 70% cacao and higher.

IMG_3333• Vinegars: There are many of these to choose from. Hard to go wrong with a vinegar, but check the label as always.

• Oil/Condiments: (up to 350°) coconut or extra virgin olive oil; and (above 350°) avocado oil. Dump the ketchup, keep the mustard.

• Dairy: Limit your dairy during fat loss mode.  If needed, choose organic and full fat. Greek or goat yogurt (unsweetened) is preferred over the highly processed options and  almond yogurt (plain) is a good choice.

When should I buy organic?

• Whenever possible! Especially when you are eating the entire product, peel and all.  When watching your budget, select organic produce from the Dirty Dozen list and don’t worry about less contaminated items, shown here:


• Avoid products that are high in fat, sodium and sugar.  6 grams of sugar or less per serving is a good goal.

• Read your labels and stay clear of chemicals, ingredients you can’t produce or don’t recognize, preservatives like soy lecithin.

GROCERY SHOPPING LIST (For printable list, click here). (This is a suggested starter list but nowhere near inclusive of all of your choices!) Noted for high quality and/or good deals as: {C} for Costco, {TJ} for Trader Joe’s {HS} for Health Store, Sprouts or New Seasons).

• Proteins

o Organic Turkey Breast, whole, slices or ground

o Organic chicken Breasts{C} and ground {HS}

o Fish, Wild caught, especially Salmon and Halibut, fresh whenever possible (HS} and occasionally {C}

o Beef for occasional use, grass fed and without hormones

o Eggs, organic

o Raw unsalted Nuts, especially Almonds

o Almond or Peanut Butter

o Legumes

o Seeds, chia, flax, pumpkin, sunflower, etc (raw and unsalted)

o Turkey Bacon (only occasional) {TJ}

o Tuna Fish, Skipjack, packed in water {TJ}

o Turkey Jerky {HS}

o Patties: Salmon, beef, chicken, turkey, Vegetable (select low fat% and chemical free) {HS}

• Vegetables & Fruits:

o Sweet Potatoes

o Kale {C}

o Sweet Peppers {C}

o Brussels Sprouts {C}

o Broccoli {C}

o Onions {C}

o Garlic {C}

o Tomatoes {HS}

o Green Beans {C}

o Mushrooms {C}

o Celery {C}

o Carrots {C}

o Arugula

o Spinach {C}

o Romaine {C}

o Jicama

o Berries (fresh or frozen) {C}

o Lemons

o Limes

o Bananas

o Avocado {C}

o Apples

o Oranges/Tangerines

o Mangoes {C}

o And lots more!

• Herbs (fresh whenever possible)

o Basil

o Oregano

o Tarragon

o Garlic Powder

o Onion Powder

o Chili Powder

o Ginger

o Pepper

• Beverages/Liquids

o Almond Milk*

o Coconut Milk

o Carrot* Juice

o Apple* Juice

o Aloe Vera Juice

o Vegetable* Juice

*Juice or prepare at home when possible

• Oils/Vinegars/Dips/Condiments/Other:

o Mustard

o Hummus

o Coconut Oil (cold-pressed) {C}

o Extra Virgin Olive Oil

o Grapeseed Oil

o Variety of Vinegar

o Chicken Broth {C}, organic when possible

• Dry Foods

o Oatmeal (regular or traditional)

o Steel Cut Oats

o Grouts {HS}

o Brown Rice

o Quinoa {C}

o Barley

o Split Peas

o Lentils

o Black Beans and numerous other dried beans

o Cacao nibs for baking

o Green and assorted teas

o Coffee/Espresso is fine

o Olive Oil clean popcorn

o Ezekiel Whole Wheat or Dave’s Seeded (sugar 3 grams or less) breads

• Sweets

o Cacao dark chocolate (over 70-85%) {HS}

o Coconut Sugar

o Dried (unsweetened) Fruit

o Fresh fruit

o Stevia

o Applesauce

• Supplements (as needed)

o Il Glutamine

o Joint Support with Glucosamine

o Multi-Vitamin

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