Mini Workouts vs. Full Hour Workouts


There are several pins, post, and “experts” who stand by the idea that if you workout 15-20 minutes a day you will improve your general health, help you to lose weight, and increase your overall fitness. There are others who would profess to have the same knowledge, or better expertise in the field, and believe that you have to work out at least 30 minutes to an hour to really get the best possible work out, and anything less would be a waste of time. Somewhere in the middle lies the truth and the science about the amount of time you have to put into your workout for internal and external results.

So how do you judge a good workout? It could be how much you sweat, if your muscles ache after you are finished, the amount of time you actually spent working out, or is could be a measure of improvement over time that determines if your workouts have been good or not. All of these are great measuring sticks, but honestly it will vary from person to person. The most effective workouts for weight loss and over all fitness, whether they are for 15 minutes or an hour and 15 minutes, will incorporate at least these three things; it incorporates your whole body, the workout has high intensity and low intensity intervals, and you pushing yourself. If you incorporate all three of those elements into your workout you can be sure you will improve your fitness level and get into great shape.

People tend to put a lot of emphasis on the specifics of their workout, and the truth of the matter is as long as you are getting your heart rate up and including your whole body in the process you are going to be successful in obtaining your fitness goals.



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