Michelle E. Steinke

Co-Founder Of My1FItLife, LiveTheList Nonprofit, And OneFitWidow

Hi, everyone! My name is Michelle Steinke, and I am Co-Founder of My1FitLife and Live the List Nonprofit. After losing my late husband in 2009, I became engrossed in fitness, not only as a lifestyle, but also as a profession. After losing 80 pounds, I decided that my love of fitness was more than just a pastime; and I wanted to spend the rest of my life empowering those with loss to live their life to the fullest with the help of health and fitness. I also wanted to share my passion with those who have experienced extreme grief and trauma, so I became a certified personal trainer and left my VP position with my corporate job. I started my fitness career as a trainer at the gym that gave me weight loss success and then eventually left to start My1FitLife. My dream is to help as many people as possible find stress relief and renewal of life through health and fitness. Today, My1FitLife has over 2,000 worldwide members, and I’ve been blessed to be asked to write for numerous publications on the subject of health and fitness and speak at numerous conferences and events around the world.

  • IFPA Certified Personal Trainer
  • IFPA Certified Sports Nutrition Specialist
  • IFPA Certified Physical Fitness and Wellness Specialist