Welcome to our Fitness Quest Community

The following is a list of information we need in order to write your program and get you started:

-Review all starting documents on 1FW online

-Starting Weight & Height

-Circumference Measurements at beginning and every 4 wks taken on right side only

-Date of Birth, time you go to bed & wake, do you smoke?

-Photos taken to the front, each side, and back. Your photos will not be posted until completion of the program and only with your prior written permission.

-Goal Letter (written first person…What’s your reason WHY? What are your goals? Where you see yourself in 6 months)?

If you are part of the Quest Community program, please send copies of the proceeding ASAP to  Once they have been received you will receive a program within 3 business days.

We have created a private Facebook page so you can start associating as a community.  We have learned very quickly that this page is a huge part of people success. Lean on the group for support and help and realize that we are there to help each other and answer questions.  Here is the link to our private page.  Please ask to be added as soon as possible.

Make sure you read the getting started page before your first workout. All workouts will be posted no later then 5pm Sunday evenings each week. You have 5 workout formats to pick from.

3 day gym

5 day gym

3 day at home

5 day at home

If you are completely new to exercise please look in the *Beginner Workout* menu of the member login area and start there.  We want you to continue through the first 4 weeks worth of starting workouts before jumping into our normal cycle of exercises.

All workouts are PDF printable and include photos to help you with form.

Good luck as you start on your Fitness Quest!

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