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How do I access my workouts?

You can access your workouts by clicking “MY1FITLIFE” in the main menu to go to your member’s area. Once you’ve logged into your Member’s Area, you can access your workouts by clicking “My Workouts”.

The current workouts are available in PDF format so you can easily download and print the workouts. If you’re having trouble downloading the workouts, please try closing your browser, deleteing your browser’s cache, and trying again. Alternatively, you can try on a different browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

If you still aren’t able to download your workouts after trying all of the above, please let use the contact form on this site and let us know what device you are using and what web browser you’re using so we can assist further.

Steps for Accessing My1FitLife Workouts on Mobile Device:

Step 1: Type in ” ” in the search window of your internet search engine on your phone.


Step 2: Once the My1FitLife mobile website appears, tap the MENU icon in the upper right. The MENU icon is a box with 3 lines in it.


Step 3: Once you open up the MENU you will see your options (About 1fw, My1fitlife blog, Store, Membership, Contact, MY1FITLIFE). Click on the last one, MY1FITLIFE (this is your My1fitlife profile).



Step 4: Type in your USERNAME and PASSWORD then click LOG IN. You should only have to do this on your initial set up.


Step 5: Your Profile will appear. This is where you can edit your personal info and change your photo. Click on the MENU located in the middle right of the screen. Remember this is the square with 3 lines in it.


Step 6: Your MENU will drop down giving you different options (WORKOUTS, Stats, 12 Week Program, Recipes, Account, Settings, Events). Click on the first one, WORKOUTS.


Step 7: The workouts will appear, this weeks workout and HIIT usually are at the top.


OPTIONAL STEP 8: If you would like to add the My1FitLIfe Workouts to your Home screen on your phone do this step. This way you will only only have to click on it and it will take you directly to this step, skipping the previous seven steps in the future. Located at the bottom, click the taller rectangle with the arrow pointing up. Then a horizontal menu will pop up and CLICK the “PLUS” ADD TO HOME SCREEN BUTTON.

img_4015                         img_4016

Step 9: Click on the Workout you would like to do. Workouts are depicted by the date, for instance #12 is the workout that starts on #1 (January) 2 (2nd Day). (This is how all the workouts are). The Description will explain what you will be doing. SLIDE the top slide to the left and the first exercise will appear. If you need a video tutorial, click on the play button. You are able to slide the exercises to the left to move to the next one.


BEGINNER WORKOUTS: If you are new to working out or have not worked out within the last 3-4 weeks, I would recommend you to start with the BEGINNER WEEK WORKOUTS. To find these, scroll all the way down until you find the SEARCH WINDOW (just above the picture of the trail runners sign up picture) and type in BEGINNER WEEK #1, then push SEARCH. This will pull up the Beginner Week Workouts.


OPTIONAL STEP 10: You do have the option to add your “Reps” / “Weight” / “Time” and Save Exercises if you would like to keep track. This is optional.


Will I still receive email notifications?

No. Our new site is mobile friendly which eliminates the need to receive an e-mail. You can login to our site at the beginning of each week and either view or download the PDF workouts. Alternatively, if you have an Apple device you can download the workouts to ibooks (a free app through the app store) for viewing throughout the week without accessing the internet.

How do I track my stats?

You can update your stats anytime by going to “My Stats” in the Member’s Area. You can then go to “View Stats” to view your past stats updates to track your progress over time. Quest and Program members will also receive notifications in their Member’s Area for starting programs and program updates when it is time for a program review.

How do I submit my starting information?

All new 12 Week Challenge members will see a notification in the Member’s Area with a link to the form to submit starting information. If you purchased a plan that includes a program review, we’ll review your starting information and send you a customized program within the next five-seven business days.

How does my review work?

If you are in one of our grandfathered Quest Programs you will be eligible for a review every 3 months. You will see a notification in the Member’s Area with a link to the form to submit your review information. Once you complete this form, the My 1 Fit Life team will review your progress and send over a personalized program review within the next five-seven business days.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my subscription/membership level?

To change your subscription/membership level go to Account ->Upgrade in the Member’s Area.

How do I cancel my account?

If you signed up with PayPal, you will need to cancel your account by canceling the recurring subscription through PayPal. Once you do, your subscription to this website will automatically end at the end of the current billing period. If you signed up using a credit card, you can cancel your account by going to Account -> Cancel in the Member’s Area.

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