1383861_322591741216432_1390050016_nMitch and I led a very exciting life. We traveled, we hiked, we played in the ocean. Mitch always embraced the moment, he always loved the adventure, he understood the shortness of life and the beauty of the moment.  When he passed away in October 2009, I thought my adventure days were over. I was not sure how I would continue to live like I had been living with 2 small kiddos and a world that looked more daunting than at any other point in my life.  Two weeks later I ended up writing down our combined bucket list items and making a promise to live them all before I pass.  Each year on the anniversary of his death, I do something off our list in his honor.  It’s my way of honoring my past by living a big future.

In Mitch’s honor we will be launching *Live the List* in January of 2014. One Fit Widow will be moving forward with donating spots in our personal virtual training program. We will ask for applications to be submitted by widows and widowers to work 1.1 with Michelle and the One Fit Widow team to change their life from the inside out.   At the competition of each training period, one deserving widow will be granted a *wish* to be funded by the nonprofit.  This wish will be an active item off the bucket list they shared with their late spouse (think hiking the Grand Canyon or running a half marathon).  This program will be called Live the List, and it’s the desire to see people move forward with their dreams while honoring their past by living a big life.

Putting one foot in front of the other so we can Live the List!

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