We all experience difficult times in life. Whether you are someone who has attempted multiple times to achieve a particular fitness goal, have a difficult time organizing and deciding what path you would like to be on, an individual who suffers from emotional eating, or you could just use some guidance in life; 1:1 virtual Life Coaching with Coach Tami can help get you on the path you have been working towards.

Through 1:1 Life Coaching with Tami, you can find out what is hindering you from achieving your goals you have set for yourself. Not just from a physical health standpoint; but also from a mental health standpoint.

Tami Bliss holds a double Masters degree in Community and Rehabilitative Counseling with a special interest in eating disorders. She has worked as a Life Coach and assisted many individuals not only in guiding them on their path to a healthy lifestyle, but also with emotional and binge eating. Tami has a deep passion not only for mental health, but also for physical health. She has been in the fitness industry as a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor for over 20 years. She views life as a path with stepping stones; and by guiding others on their path one stepping stone at a time is able to lead them to a healthier lifestyle.

Between your sessions, you will receive assignments to help you work through behaviors that are keeping you from achieving your best self. On this journey, the goal is to help you recognize that life is full of surprises and challenges. Tami will provide you with the tools necessary to help you on your path.

What can you expect from sessions with Tami?

  • Initial evaluation and intake to help determine the approximate number of sessions that will be necessary to help you reach the goals that you and Tami will outline together
  • Personalized homework
  • Daily, Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly check-ins via Skype, Facetime, phone or email based on Tami’s recommendations and your availability and financial abilities

Who can benefit from Tami’s services? Those who:

  • Are having a difficult time staying on track with healthy eating and exercise
  • Feeling depressed or down
  • Needing extra accountability with a healthy lifestyle
  • Are experiencing a lack of motivation
  • Would like to quit smoking
  • Need extra support during the holidays or difficult times
  • Are trying to beat binge eating or emotional eating habits

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Tami Bliss, MS, has a passion not only for mental health, but also for physical health and fitness. She holds a double Masters Degree in Community and Rehabilitation Counseling. During her graduate school years, her interest and emphasis was on eating disorders. She has worked in a variety of mental health settings including group and family counseling, individual counseling, Adjunct Psychology Instructor at the University and Community college levels, and at-risk youth. Tami is a certified Personal Fitness Trainer and certified Group Fitness Instructor, and enjoys teaching a variety of group fitness classes part-time. Her other interests include spending time with her husband and 3 boys who are very active in sports, music and school activities.

“We are humans. Sometimes we forget that being human means making mistakes and learning from them. It is extremely difficult to have success in certain areas of our life when our mental health is not stable, we are insecure, or we have fear that holds us back from being our best self. I don’t want to be in my 90s still wishing that I were a size 6. I want to be happy in my body and enjoy life. And I want that for everyone who exists in this world. To see their worth and make the most of their life.” ~Tami Bliss

Tami’s availability

Tami is available Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central Time Zone (CST).


Face to face via FaceTime or Skype: $75 per hour (*The first time assessment meeting has an additional $15, one time fee)

Additional services:

  • Daily check-ins
  • Weekly check-ins


I have done a few challenges over the last year. My first challenge I lost over thirty pounds, but since then my weight loss journey has slowed down. I tend to struggle with binge eating. I would go days without binging, but out of nowhere, my binge eating feelings would reappear. It seemed that my binging was out of control. After my last binge, I was feeling as though I was a failure for not being able to overcome my binge eating tendencies. I had hit rock bottom. I could no longer do this without help.  I knew 1FitLife offered life coaching, so I reached out to Tami. It has been the best decision I  have ever made. Tami is helping me learn that I am not a failure for binge eating. She is helping me work through feelings that have been buried for many years. She is a firm believer in baby steps. I have been stringing together baby steps, which has allowed me to take control of my feelings and behaviors. Don’t be shy, reach out and watch your life change in ways you never could imagine! Thanks, Tami!” ~Debbie B, Missouri 

“I admit I was a little skeptical at first and not sure how life coaching fit into my current regime.  The desire to continue to move forward prompted me to give it a try.  Tami made me feel comfortable from the first time we talked.  She has helped me dream, to make goals and set baby steps to move me toward accomplishing them.  I have received encouragement that felt truly heartfelt and not just what she was “supposed” to say.  My life will never be like it was, but with help I am beginning to see the possibility of where it might can lead forward.” ~Joan R.

$75 / Hour (additional Set Up Fee of $15 on First Session)

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