“Michelle Steinke, and the 1fw Team have been an inspiration to me.  I have been following her webpage and I am in awe of her amazing journey.   I first took a whole foods challenge for just 10 days, but that began a journey that would change my life. I gave-up sugar, and the results were amazing in terms of how I felt and how my body reacted.  After joining 1fitwidow training I got serious, following the weight-training plan of Keith Baumgard by working the 3 days at home workout plan along with the meal guidelines set up by Michelle. The daily calorie allotment and percentages helped guide me thru the murky waters of a new lifestyle.   Lorrie’s Kitchen offered help with food choices and assisted me as I began my journey.  The website is different from others I have joined in that the people here are serious; they want change and they want results.  People on this website are incredibly inspiring and encouraging.    The results for me have been slow and steady, but immediately my body changed, my clothes fitting better, my energy returned and my head felt clear.  I cannot go back!  I am so grateful for the change that I implemented with the help of this wonderfully inspiring team.”