Head to Toe Fitness


It is hard to be healthy by just working one or two muscles. For those of you who just walk on a treadmill and don’t workout your upper body or those of you who just work upper body and not your lower, truth is it is not helping your overall health! You must make your workouts full body, and rotating the days and the ways in which you work those parts of the body out will help you reach your fitness goals.

Trust and believe there is an exercise for every muscle in your body from your head to your toes. There are exercises out there for you to work your face muscles. Now this may not be a muscle group you look toward for an increase in fitness level, but the exercises exist, people do them, and many doctors confirm that they work. Then of course there are many neck exercises that can be done to strengthen the neck area which are exercises that are commonly left to professional athletes. There are also exercises that strengthen your ankles and toes. If you have ever injured your ankle or broken a toe you are familiar with these exercises.

These are areas that require specific exercises, but for the body as whole you have to do full body workouts to get the best results. When you have to do exercises where you are using your whole body it engages all of the muscle groups with compound movements.  When all of the muscle groups are engaged, it makes the body have to work harder which burns more calories and strengthens more muscles at once, because all of the muscle groups are working over multiple joints. Nothing is idle. This includes those areas you don’t even think about like the  muscles in your hands, or forearm.

As you are working toward your fitness goals? Remember the whole body needs to be a part of the process. No muscle should be left out, not even the toes! Coach Keith

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