“Just keep swimming” It all seems so simple at this point…I think you just have to be ready to decide. For me, it was the prescription meds I was already on and the word “pre-diabetes” at my physical in early 2016. After years of not caring, I finally decided to care. 45 lbs and no more meds later… it was changing my food and walking that had the most effect on me in the beginning.

Gave up most alcohol and processed sugars, plus bread, pasta, and potatoes. Logged religiously. I’m not as strict with the diet at this point, but I rarely eat meat, except for fish. I really enjoy the weight training from Kristi and Keith, so I do that and the HIITs at least 3 and sometimes 5 days a week, but I do it all in my home.”

Donna, your coaches, and our team are so proud of you. Keep swimming.