Dance! Dance! Dance!


For many years now there have been different workout dance crazes to hit the exercise scene; abdominal dance videos, everyone’s favorite Zumba, and recently Bollywood has had a resurgence. A dance workout can be great for any one even if you don’t consider yourself a very good dancer.

For many people, dancing is one of their favorite types of workouts. It is fun, the music is grooving, and you can get intense interval training, and a great cardio workout. Dancing is one of the few workouts that can hit and exercise almost every muscle in the body. Many of the dance routines, across various types of dance, allow you to really get into the workout without thinking about the fact that you are exercising. It just becomes fun. There are so many different types of dances you can do for exercise that do not require any previous experience. On top of the ones mentioned before there is African dance, ballroom dancing, step and swing out, hip hop, line dancing, and many others.

Just like with other workouts there are higher levels and intensity’s you can reach depending on how you do the move, hold it, or come out of it. For example in Bollywood, there is an opportunity to hold a scarf like material in your hands for slight resistance, and move them back and forth working out the arms, the back, and the oblique’s. For low intensity or beginners, you may not even want to use the scarf at all, and for a more intense harder work out, you may use your oblique’s to lean deeper and come back because that will work out your oblique’s even more.

You can have fun with your workout. It doesn’t have to be weight lifting and running on the treadmill every day. You can enjoy the music, the dancing, and get into your best level of fitness. Coach Keith

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