Chocolate & Ginger Green Smoothie



1 scoop of clean* chocolate protein powder, stevia sweetened
1 teaspoon of raw cacao powder
5 ice cubes
2-3 cups of frozen kale or other greens
1/2 banana (frozen for thicker smoothie)
1 teaspoon of raw grated ginger root, peeled**
1 cup cold filtered water
Stevia to taste, optional

Smoothie VM

1- Use frozen greens and bananas for a thick, frothy, dessert-like smoothie.  When freezing bananas, choose those that are just starting to brown.  To freeze kale, remove the spines and place leaves in a freezer bag, or freeze a triple wash organic green. 
2- Use a high powered blender to completely and quickly emulsify the kale. Blend on LOW until ingredients have reduced to the lower half of the blender. Blend on high for the remainder of the minute.
3- For an even sweeter smoothie (and to reduce sugar), use a small amount of “pure” and organic Stevia.  Use only a few drops or graduals until you get a feel for how sweet it really is!

* I currently use Sunwarrior vegan chocolate blend for a clean protein.

**To prepare ginger ahead of time,simply peel, chop coarsely and blend to a pulp in a high powered blender. Spread on cookie sheet and freeze. Break into chunks and store in food-safe freezer bag.


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