Your health is on your fork

October 25, 2017  lorrie Save Traveling to other countries is a great way to see where we are strong and where we have a long way to go. You’ll see by the references at the bottom, we have some work […]

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Be Your Own Advocate!

December 21, 2017  lorrie Save YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! You know that right? You can’t look to someone else because you know your body better than anyone. I love my doctor. I would depend on my doctor if I broke […]

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Protein Powder – Yes or No?

March 8, 2018  lorrie Save According to an article by Food Safety News, dangerous heavy metals have been found in 40% of protein powders tested. To check yours, visit cleanlabelproject. Protein is abundant and easy to get too much of so a […]

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