Burgers, Hold the Bun!


This past 2 weeks, I’ve been running a #PrepAndPlan challenge on our Quest member page. As we close up this one, we’re looking at rotational dishes: the dishes you could eat every week because they are …

√ delicious
√ nutritious
√ take about 15 minutes or so
√ loved by everyone at the table

This is one of the recent favorites at my dinner table and most certainly makes the “rotation” schedule. Just a quick sauté of my favorite burger toppings, a grilled burger with salt and pepper and a collard green with the spine removed. It’s divine.

Possible burger choices: Turkey (my personal favorite), bison, portobello mushroom or grass-fed beef.


Possible toppings (they are endless!): sliced country olives, sweet or spicy peppers, onions, mushrooms, cashew cheese (or organic dairy cheese), turkey bacon (or antibiotic- and hormone-free pork), pickled vegetables, mixed greens or coleslaw, and the list goes on! We do themed burgers; Italian one week, vegetable garden the next.

When it comes to building the burger, just remove the spine from the collard green* and use half if large or all of it if small as a base. Spread the cheese on the green and place the sautéed veggies on tops of it, the burger on top of that and it’s a wrap!!

Try it this weekend for a burst of nutrition and a tasty dinner! Napkin in lap on this one. 


*Uncooked collard greens aren’t high in flavor, which works out well when you just want to taste what’s inside, but they hold up to the meatiest of stuffings. They are easy to bite through but don’t break when handling. Romaine is a reasonable substitute, but won’t hold strong like the collard green.

Turkey burger on collard green

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