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Be Your Own Advocate!


YOU MUST BE YOUR OWN ADVOCATE! You know that right? You can’t look to someone else because you know your body better than anyone.

I love my doctor. I would depend on my doctor if I broke a bone, couldn’t figure out what was going on without bloodwork and should I need more serious discovery. However, I don’t look to my doctor to tell me how to live and she’s the first to tell me I’m right to think that way.

Sadly, most doctors in the US have a rudimentary understanding of nutrition (that’s generous). While some opted to take nutrition courses, it wasn’t required of them. Many were taught that their job was between them and disease; the patient just a bystander. They are not there to teach you health, they are there to fix you with meds, a knife or ‘let’s give it some time’. There are great ones out there, don’t get me wrong! Their education is to blame, not them personally.

“Imagine a cliff where people keep falling off and dying. Instead of erecting a warning sign at the top of the cliff telling people not to approach, modern medicine just places ambulances at the bottom” ~Denis Burkitt, MD

I will never tell you not to listen to your doc. It’s not my place, right or interest to do so. What I am here to tell you is that you must strive to go beyond what you’re told and do the groundwork of understanding how to live a healthy lifestyle. One that mirrors your own priorities and goals.

Is today the day you show up for you? I hope so! ~Lorrie

Your health is on your fork


Traveling to other countries is a great way to see where we are strong and where we have a long way to go. You’ll see by the references at the bottom, we have some work to do.

I wonder – how was the government able to take on the tobacco industry years ago and yet they are still under the thumb of the food manufacturing industry? It’s true that no one needs tobacco products while we do need food. And it’s easy to confuse people when ketchup is classified as a vegetable in the school lunch program.

Customer compliance with the big manufacture food companies is instrumental to their success and power over our governmental agencies and leaders. Efforts to make their products appear “healthy”, quick, cheap and (through the miracle of advertising) life enhancing is just the beginning. We have to buy in. We have to believe it on some level to partner in the problem. Listening to a cab driver in Bali boast that they now have a McDonalds made me feel sick about the US contribution to the world in the area of nutrition. Image appears to be far more influential than our health and wellbeing, even to a people who appeared to have it going on in the “wellbeing” department.

It’s not as difficult or expensive as you think. I buy 2 bags of packaged goods and I’m out $100. I buy 2 bags of produce at Winco and I’m set back $30. And half of that is organic produce. Pinterest makes it easy to hold on to quick and healthy recipes and a little focus one night to plan your week and shopping is more life enhancing than many of the activities that eat away at our precious time.

As proof of the consumer’s power, soda consumption has fallen to a 30-year low in the US after warnings on obesity were widespread. The downside is that the switch to other sugary drinks, including juice, while a better option isn’t a great option.

Consumer driven demand is what will change the options in our country. For the health of us all, I hope you are paying attention to what you’re eating. If I can help, please let me know.

Not so fun facts…


Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.37.18 PM



1 out of every 3 Americans will have diabetes by 2050 if we continue on the same path we’re on.

75% of our healthcare dollar goes towards the maintenance or treatment of metabolic disease.

“Seven of the top 10 leading causes of death in the United States are due to chronic diseases, and treating people with chronic diseases accounts for 86% of our nation’s health care costs. People with chronic diseases often have a lower quality of life. Almost 1 in 5 (12 million) children and more than 1 in 3 (78 million) adults in the United States struggle with obesity, causing $147 billion in obesity-related health care costs each year.” Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 7.32.42 PM

Ready to get serious? DETOX TIME!


detoxDetox is an important way to kick off any nutritional program but it’s not a one-time thing. It’s like cleaning the house; it must be revisited. In this challenge, we’re going to take a BIG step past detox into metabolism repair. This will require some commitment on your part, and an earnest desire to get well.  That may include fat loss if that’s your goal. Primarily, detox and metabolism repair is for overall good health.

I hope that you will always eat clean, wholesome foods and keep sugar in check. I hope that you try to balance your macros (protein/fat/carb) and put a variety of colors on your plate. Maybe not every meal and sometimes not every day, but as an overall way of eating. The detox and metabolism repair phases gets your body ready to help you do this. How long detox lasts depends, in part, on how damaged your metabolism is (via yo-yo diets and processed foods). Expect anywhere from 7-21 days. Skipping the processed foods, limiting the sugar and hydrating throughout the day will make a significant difference in the success of your detox.

It seems impossible that you’ll crave vegetables more often than french fries, but it’s generally true, you will. The cleaner you eat, the more this will be the case. Yes, there will still be wedding cake, pizza, burgers and french fries. This is a lifelong quest for health, not a diet. So, recognize that life happens and enjoy it. However, when your mainstay is clean, lean meats, organic produce and hormone-free/grass fed dairy (for those who use dairy), you’ll notice the obvious side effects of cake, and will desire it less as you associate the headache or lack of energy that comes with it. Throughout life, when you feel the effects of a bad diet choice, rebound with a good detox and you’ll be back on track. For more information on types of detox read Everyday detoxPoor choice detox and Sugar; friend or foe. Time to detox!

#1 Eat whole foods that are minimally processed and free of toxins. Skip the alcohol during detox. Please spend some time menu planning and join us for the Jump Start 2.0 challenge to really get to the bottom of what’s holding your metabolism back from burning bright.

#2 Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Drink as much plain water as you need to keep your output (urine) a pale yellow. Some use the equation of half your body weight in ounces as a guideline (a 200 pound person would drink 100 ounces) but for your personal guidelines go by urine color when you can. When consuming Vitamin C supplements, use the equation instead as C effects urine color. Coffee has water, yes, as does juice but these don’t count towards your water goal. One of my very best tips for your metabolism is drinking a full glass of room temperature water the moment you wake up. Do it before you eat, dress, drink your coffee or anything else. It is a real jump start and will help with constipation as well.

#3 Reduce your stress and increase your sweat! These actions will increase the speed and effectiveness of your detox. They can also improve your happiness substantially.


Eating Out, Eating Clean – Tips to Restaurant Survival

eating out restaurants

The thing about restaurants is – they want you to come back; health isn’t generally their focus. They load you up with heavy fats, plenty of sugar, salt and simple carbs to heighten your dining experience. Unfortunately that can also reduce the quality of your health, depending on how often you eat out. However, going in prepared to make the best possible choices makes eating out more approachable to the healthy eater.   

Here are my best tips for eating out.

  • Check the menu online when you are not hungry and before you go. Choose wisely and don’t open the menu once you get there. Order as planned.
  • Eat some veggies and drink water before you leave for the restaurant. This will help you make good choices and still leave you hungry soon enough to enjoy your meal. Never go overly hungry as the choices will not be as easy to make and the bread or chips basket prior too easy to fall into.
  • If it’s your choice, choose sushi or a fish restaurant. If Mexican, order fajitas with no dairy and light on the oil. Ask them to bring chopped romaine instead of tortillas. Makes a great salad!  Add salsa to your heart’s content.
  • Ask them to put chips and bread far from you. Once whomever you’re eating with knows you don’t want it, you will be less likely to ask for it. If you’re by yourself, skip them.
  • Sit next to the most health conscious person at the table.
  • Ask for your food the way you want it. Tell the waiter you want less oil, or no dairy, or skip the croutons. Don’t be shy; they are there to serve you.
  • Try not to get things on the side; they sometimes serve more that way and you’re tempted. If you know it’s a place that over serves the dressing or toppings, go for the side instead and be mindful!
  • Don’t clean your plate unless you’re hungry and the portion size is reasonable. That little bit that’s too small to save? Save it! Small bites make great snacks the following day!
  • Many restaurants are already on MFP for logging.  Chipotle burrito in a bowl, no dairy or guac? No problem, it’s there!

Be prepared to enjoy yourself and feel great tomorrow! 



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Caloric intake – adjusting them up and down

Few of us hit our caloric targets dead on but oh! how we try! Going over slows our results in hitting goals we may have and going under sacrifices our needs for nourishment. The latter is often detrimental to your health, muscle growth and energy. Health goes far beyond our desires for a perfect appearance. 
If you’re in the “constantly over” group, here are some tips for you. If you’re constantly under, skip to the next section.
To DECREASE your calories to hit your goal :
  • Try adding vegetables where you typically use grains. Skip the toast or pancakes and just go for the veggie scramble with mostly egg whites and a bit of yolk for nutrition. Skip the rice and instead “rice” your cauliflower*. Skip the pasta and stir in spiralized zucchini. You can eat a LOT of veggies without affecting your caloric intake and still feel full and satisfied.
  • Skip or reduce the dairy to see a significant impact. Cream in your coffee is giving away your fat intake goals for something not always healthy. Opt for grass-fed butter over typical coffee creamers but keep it in moderation.
  • Reduce the size of your portions. Put half of your entree in a to go box before you eat; put away dinner before you begin to graze.
  • Pay special attention to fats. Keep good fats where you will taste them – guacamole over oil in the pan; salmon over shredded cheese in your salad.
  • Ditch the sugar. Sugars are usually very wasteful calorie expenditures. If you go in for sugar, keep it natural (raw honey, pure maple syrup, coconut sugar and fruit) and keep it in moderation.
  • Lastly, opt for water over other drinks. Typically, liquids (beyond water) are often empty calories which give you nothing nutritionally which you can get in more nutritional ways. For instance an orange is far better for you and a glass of orange juice.
To INCREASE your calories:
  • Increase whole grains like oatmeal in the morning, brown rice or quinoa salad as a snack or a slice of low-sugar whole grain bread at lunch.
  • Increase your portion size, especially the well balanced dishes that include lean protein, good fats and plenty of vegetable carbs.
  • Even though vegetables don’t add much to the calorie bottomline, continue to eat them throughout the day for your health. Combine them with good fats like healthy oils, avocados and proteins.
  • Add some well chosen fruit to your day – eat it at the right time to burn off the sugar that comes with it. Fruit is great eaten alone as a snack or in a smoothie.
  • If you are burning your calories with an active lifestyle, don’t worry about the macros so much. Enjoy those good fats. If you are having trouble losing that last few pound, macros is important, but healthy eating is even moreso!
  • Increase your consumption of fatty fish like salmon and tuna. Get your sushi on which combines rice (preferably brown, veggies and raw fish).
  • Eat more often:  5-6 times per day if that’s what it takes. While I personally like to fast between 7pm and 7am, excluding my water intake which is all day and evening, packing in the meals to get enough calories in your day takes practice and focus.
Move towards these steps at your own pace and watch the number go in the right direction! Bottom line: get enough calories each day to fuel your body, but keep them in check with your daily burn if you’re concerned about weight gain. Questions, feel free to talk with me!

*By placing cauliflower florets in your food processor and pulsing, you can create a rice sized vegetable replacement.

Listening to Your Body : Food Allergies and Intolerances


For years, I was upset that I couldn’t eat what everyone else ate. The thought of a grilled cheese sandwich, teriyaki chicken or pastries was preoccupying, to say the least, and the cause of more than a few pity parties. The list goes on. I couldn’t drink iced drinks because my teeth were too sensitive. I couldn’t eat an excess of potato chips or walnuts due to canker sores. Red meat gave me migraines and refined sugar caused my joints to ache. Of course, at the time I didn’t know why, just that I felt terrible too much of the time.

Food intolerances are your body’s way of telling you what doesn’t work for you. Toxins are a no brainer: it’s not real food, don’t eat it for feeling and performing at your best. Real foods like walnuts, soy, dairy, popcorn and wheat took me time and effort to decipher. I now wonder whether my body was tired of me ignoring the signs and took the reigns to do what I didn’t have the power to do on my own. It made it impossible for me to function with those foods in my body.

With an education in nutrition, I discovered that iced drinks can throw your digestion into chaos; refined sugar was the cause of joint aches and my pre-diabetic diagnosis; soy and dairy was the reason for my 50+ cases of strep throat; and the oil in walnuts and ListenToYourBodychips caused my canker sores.

It is getting easier and easier to listen to my body. I may be stubborn, but I’m not crazy. Being out of pain is WAY more tasty than that grilled cheese sandwich. And when I doubt my faith in that, I try it again. And the lesson is learned one more time.

Listen to your body. Have an allergist check you for food allergies, but don’t stop there. Try journaling how you feel after you eat. Try eliminating suspect foods and then reintroducing them one at a time after you’ve been away from them for a few weeks. There’s plenty of hope for finding a menu that works for you. If you need help in how to do this, I’m here to help. ~Lorrie

RealWholeSelf Whole Foods Collage copy 2

If you have questions, please email me or visit me here for details!

The Dual Path to Health


We routinely face obstacles created by two situations: things we can’t control and things we can.

We can’t control the events and choices of the past, but we can learn from them. And learning is what moves us forward. With clients and with myself, I notice that most frustration comes from losing a grip on things within our control, the power over our choices. It’s a common human predicament.

Whether it’s negative people we choose to surround ourselves with; how often we say yes to things that we know will throw our life out of balance or no to the things we are afraid of; the processed food we choose to eat; or the sedentary way we spend our free time; we routinely allow toxins into our lives. We all do these things, but what some of us do is identify a bad choice and learn from it. I want to encourage you to be one of those people. You’re reading this, so it’s likely you already are.

I like to envision this path to health and growth as a dual path that we straddle simultaneously – or go alternately between the two. One is emotional work and the other is action. Without addressing both, one alone will likely fail.  It often looks like this:

-We decide to obtain a new habit and within a few days or weeks, we revert to our old ways. That is action without understanding the inner voices that distract and sabotage our efforts.

-We dig deep to understand ourselves and the internal focus becomes so intense that we immobilize ourselves with inaction and nothing changes.

The way of dual focus is to quiet the inner dialogue and criticism while steadily eating our well chosen foods and moving our bodies to maintain fitness. Action, both inward and outward, is the way to long lasting change.

The first thing to acknowledge is that developing new habits is hard. There are those who make it look easy but in reality it takes focus, dedication, a long view and a constant reminder of why you’re making the change. Throw in a little learning and support and you’re on your way.

The next step is to identify your toxins. Is it the complaining and critical friend who picked up where an abrasive parent left off? Is it the soda you crave the moment you wake up that causes your sleepless nights? Is it the drive-through burger because you haven’t planned dinner? Is it the excess sugar that threatens diabetes, nervousness or irritability? Is it the lie of living with perfection as your identity when you just want to be authentic?

While you expose your personal toxins to the light, you’ll also want to address where you are headed. If you don’t mind wandering without a destination, you try different paths and enjoy the meandering. If you have a more urgent desire to heal and reach a destination, you spend time writing, talking with trusted friends, creating a vision board, finding your team of support, reading, observing, defining what is and what isn’t working in your life. You just start.

The starting can be big and bold. It can be splashy, impressive and exciting. These beginnings are ones to watch out for; the enthusiasm is hard to maintain. Other starts can be quiet, subtle and private. Without an outward commitment, support and accountability, it’s a heavy burden to shoulder alone.  The best way to start anything you want to take with you into the future is with small but significant steps in the presence of those you trust to stand with you no matter what comes. 

Start identifying the parts of your life that are within your control and begin the path of physical and mental healing. 

We’re here to help. <3 ~Lorrie

For private and personal one on one time with a health coach who will move you forward in nutrition, health and in life, please feel free to contact me at or visit

dual path

Healthy! Or is it?

Healthy Natural CollageDon’t be fooled! Next time you’re out shopping, watch for the words “Healthy”, “Low fat”, “Reduced Sugar”, and “Natural” on your food packaging. They are all buzzwords geared to sell product to those wanting to make better choices for themselves and their family. Sadly, they can be quite misleading.
Healthy is subjective and can be used to meet a very vague standard.
“Low Fat” often means stripped of nutrition. Skim milk, PB2 and Zero products, among others, fit this description and are good to avoid. In stripping the fat, they’re also stripped of nutrition, leaving you with a “food-like” substance that your body won’t recognize.
“No-” or “Low Sugar” usually means it’s been modified with artificial sugars. Again, the body doesn’t recognize these substances as food. You need real food for energy and cell repair.  An additional downside to consuming artificial sugars is the reaction they cause in the body. Your tastebuds alert your body that sweetness is on the way, and when it doesn’t arrive, you have released insulin with no job to do.  It’s never a good idea to trick your body.  It’s a well-oiled machine!
Healthy Natural 2 Collage
“Natural” is a real word. It means the product is from nature and that’s often a good thing. However, there are many things in nature I’d never put in my mouth. MSG is one of them. Others can be rather unappetizing to go into detail, but you can look up a Natural Flavor by the name of Castoreum to get my drift.
“Organic” and “GMO-free”? Now those are terms we can work with! Though imperfect, they are the real deal.
You are becoming a wiser consumer and wise consumers are the ones who are setting the bar higher for a better world of clean eating options. Be wiser than they want you to be. Your health (body and mind) will be the better for it.
For more ingredients to watch for, visit
~Coach Lorrie