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Find out how Karen made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way


Karen, we are all so proud of your hard work!!! Two years with us in our various programs and down 75 Pounds and countless inches!!!!
Talk about staying the course and doing the work for life.  Karen in her own words to help encourage those who just signed up for our latest Jump Start Challenge...

"The bottom row is where I am starting today with the Jump Start Challenge. The top row is when I started with Coach Michelle and Keith in 2016.  I've lost 75#, and I don't know how many inches.

When our coaches tell us that baby steps do count and make a difference I am living proof. There were days I stepped forward and many where I stepped back. That being said I still have a long way to go to reach my goal. That is why I joined this JS Challenge. I need to lengthen my stride now and get the scale and tape measure moving. I have yet to incorporate exercise into my daily routine. I'm not a couch potato by any means, but I need to do this to enhance the quality of my life.

With Coach Lorrie's help during this challenge, I want to expand my nutrition knowledge and whole food recipes. I have found that I really do enjoy eating clean whole foods and notice how awful I feel when eating processed food.

With Coach Tami's help I know I'll gain further insight into why I continue to be tempted. Coach Kristi will keep me from hurting myself when I train. I know I can always reach out to her or Keith if I question how to modify an exercise.

In summary, this is not an all or nothing program. 

Take what you need right now and go with it. But listen to everything our coaches tell us. Eventually, it will all come together." Karen, keep going. Your entire coaching staff over at My1FitLife is soooooo proud of you.


I could not love this MORE!!!

This is our client Lisa and her AMAZING transformation. Lisa did ALL of our challenges in (2016) and has since moved over to our Quest Community.

These are the pants she had worn before she started our challenges and this is 1/2 of Lisa NOW!

We are sooooooo proud of her and her hard work. This is not easy, but it is well worth it!

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Find out how Lisa made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way

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Find out how Kelly made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way


Today, I'm super happy to share an extraordinary woman with you all, her journey has inspired countless of our Challengers and her coaches.

This is Kelly, and Kelly has been rocking our programs for some time now, but the photos are only half the story.

I'm going to let you tell her the rest herself:

"My name is Kelly, and I am just coming off my 3rd challenge. I started my fitness journey in January 2016 and was introduced to My1FitLife from a girlfriend who invited me to the Lake Tahoe Adventure Weekend in August 2016. I say while I was headed in the right direction with my fitness, My1FitLife and Coaches Michelle, Keith, Lorrie, Kristi & Tami helped set me on the right path to becoming the best version of myself and truly living fit and my best life.

I have never been athletic - instead opting to be the smart one or the capable one. I thought if I worked hard and was the one everyone could count on to take care of everything, no one would notice I was fat. But I have changed my life 180 degrees in 18 months and put my family and my life and my health first.

I continue to surprise myself, even a year and a half into this journey. I have tried 10 different sports/activities, run 25 races from a mile to a full marathon, learned to snow ski, tried SUP, hiking, kayaking, whitewater rafting, parasailing, spinning, mountain biking, yoga, joined a running club, and have learned it is ok to be slow, not great, or a beginner as long as you try. But even 18 months in, it's still hard to always make the best choices. I am not shy about sharing my hard days, my disappointments, and my struggles.

Even with a 60 lb loss -over half of that with this program - it's about the life I have gained. I found my smile again. I am showing my daughter how live a fit life and love her body.

My NSV are too numerous to count, but I seem to find something to celebrate each and every day whether it's just putting on my workout clothes when I wake up, loving sore muscles, or a sub 3 hour half marathon.

I am so grateful to be a part of this community for the camaraderie and inspiration it provides to me and looking forward to continuing to learn how to live my best life."

Kelly, this is the kind of write up I dream from our clients. People coming back to life and experiencing the joy of a full and fit life! Your community and your coaches are most proud of you. <3

Take your power back and rise strong!!!


"Just keep swimming" It all seems so simple at this point...I think you just have to be ready to decide. For me, it was the prescription meds I was already on and the word "pre-diabetes" at my physical in early 2016. After years of not caring, I finally decided to care. 45 lbs and no more meds later... it was changing my food and walking that had the most effect on me in the beginning.

Gave up most alcohol and processed sugars, plus bread, pasta, and potatoes. Logged religiously. I'm not as strict with the diet at this point, but I rarely eat meat, except for fish. I really enjoy the weight training from Kristi and Keith, so I do that and the HIITs at least 3 and sometimes 5 days a week, but I do it all in my home.”

Donna, your coaches, and our team are so proud of you. Keep swimming. 

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Find out how Donna made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way

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Find out how Erica made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way


Erika's words below brought me to tears!

Everyone, you are so much more in control of your health than you realize!

"At my annual physical right before Christmas my doctor recommended I consider weight loss surgery. That was my rock bottom. I'd long denied how bad my weight/health had gotten but after that conversation I could deny no longer. That type of weight loss surgery is the right decision for some people but I had never truly worked my hardest to turn things around without medical interventions, so hearing that from her I knew my time was NOW. I signed up for this JS 3.0 challenge and got to work, and I am absolutely blown away by the results! After only four weeks in this challenge I am experiencing levels of health improvement that I never used to dream were possible:

  1. I am off my anti-depressants after 20+ years of use! My moods are stable, anxiety is under control and I'm feeling great emotionally without them!


  1. I used to take DOUBLE the normal dose of Nexium on a daily basis and still had to eat Tums all day long to fight my acid reflux and the excruciating esophageal spasms the reflux would give me. Now I'm down to NO Nexium or Tums at all! No acid reflux, and better yet, no painful esophageal spasms whatsoever!


  1. But the most exciting one for me so far is that yesterday I had a follow-up appt with my doctor and even better than the 20 lbs (!!) I've lost since that appt mid Dec is that my blood pressure has improved so much that she cut my BP meds in HALF!! And she said once I get down another 20 lbs or so we'll stop them altogether. Wow!!

On top of these three improvements related to conditions no longer needing medications, there have been tons of other victories.....clothes are WAY looser, energy and mental focus are through the roof, cravings for sweets are GONE, relationships are improved by my stabilized moods and ability to communicate better, sleep is much deeper and I wake up refreshed....truly the list could go on and on. But by and far the most impactful for me is the reduction and/or elimination of meds I thought I would be on for the rest of my life.

You coaches are truly helping people to not just improve but also to save their own lives. I can't even tell you all how grateful I am for each of you. Thank you."


The words below are from Layne, who took part in our last Jump Start and is now back rocking our Quest!! I could go on and on about how inspiring, amazing, kind, and supportive she is, but right now I just want to take a moment and congratulate her for doing the hard work and changing her life. Her entire community and her coaches are so proud of her! Keep it going, lady!

Layne in her own words!!!!

"I went in to get measured this morning (I do it every 8 weeks), and since Dec 1st I am down FIFTEEN inches! Bringing my total from the beginning of Jump Start to 27.5 inches!!

Holy freaking shizzle, I am so excited. That challenge LITERALLY changed my life."

Ready to find out more?

Find out how Layne made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way

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Abe in his own words...
"I was introduced to My1FitLife a year ago by my much older sister Regina and I hate to say it but boy she was right. Not only did I learn to eat right but the health benefits have been great. I feel better and stronger than ever!!

I turn 50 next month, and I had hoped a year ago that I could be in the best shape of my life by then and I am pretty darn close.

Obviously, the coaches are great, but the heart and soul is this community. Met lots of great people and having my sister and many cousins along has been wonderful!!

Down 92 pounds in a year and endless NSVs. 

Thanks to all you!"

Abe, your coaches, and community are so proud of you! Can't wait to see what you do next!

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Find out how ALL these people and MANY, MANY MORE made this amazing life transformation the "My1Fit Life" way

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