Before and After

Our client Joey:


"Today marks 1 yr since starting the 1FitLife program. In a pure numbers sense, I've lost 35 lbs and 33 inches. But the GAINS far outweigh the losses, and they are many! I have learned to put myself first; to eat clean and fuel my body; to use exercise to relieve my stress instead of eating for comfort; to forgive myself when I slip instead of chucking the whole program; to find ways of sneaking fitness in while doing everyday tasks; to ask for help and support when I need it; to love my body as it is now instead of hating it for being unhealthy at my own creation; to appreciate all the strengths I've acquired and look forward to more to come; to understand that how I FEEL is so much more important than the size of my jeans or my relative relation to gravity (weight); to find time to SWIM and do the things I love to move my body; and most importantly, to LOVE all friendships I have made on this journey. SO grateful for this community.
I still have work to do. I am not where I want to be...but I'm on my way. Looking forward to the next challenge.
For the 1/10 challenge, 5 lbs and 6 inches lost!"

"Big huge NSV here folks. When I went back to teaching in September, I had to go shopping at a plus store for the first time in my life. I dreaded every day that I had to go teach. I hated getting dressed. Fast forward LESS THAN 6 months, and now I love getting dressed and going to work. I feel GREAT. And I'm still 15-20lbs from my "suppose to be happy" weight. I've never felt so good when the scale says this number. I feel empowered and in control and happy. I still have some mental health work to do. There are still some not so great times. But the good moments far outweigh the bad these days. And that's just awesome. Thanks coach Michelle Steinke-Baumgard coach Keith Baumgard coach Kristi Cook Marshall coach Lorrie McFadden and coach Tami Eisenschenk Bliss for all you do and have done for me!!! Today I have a work lunch with some hot shot 19 year old millionaire and this almost 40 year old feels like a hot Mama!!"

"Here is my story, the good, the bad and ugly. I started 1FW in October 2013, that is the starting picture in the unattractive pink bra and the phone covering my face. I have always been "athletic," I loved to workout and grew up a swimmer. What I didn't grow up with is a healthy relationship with food. I believed I could 'cardio off' anything I wanted to eat. When I ran marathons in my 20's, this worked, not so much at 40 when you need a knee replacement. I have dropped pounds, gained muscle but most of all I have found a healthy relationship with food and exercise. I can now set a positive example for my girls, which is so important in a world of airbrush and filters.

The second picture is 2014, and the last two are in October and Dec 2016. Some days it's hard to look at the big picture. I over ate and drank too much this holiday and guess what? Today I went to the gym and logged into MFP. Don't give up and don't wait until Jan 1 to start, putting it off only sets the example for the rest of your journey. Make today better than yesterday and remember it's a journey, not a race."


Super proud of our client Niki and the changes she is making inside and out!


"I finally found time to take my latest progress pictures yesterday. I hadn't taken any since August. In September I went into a funk and didn't get out until the 30 day challenge in December.


My journey has always been about baby steps. I've been morbidly obese for most of my life so can I really expect to have a healthy body overnight? Heck no! I am working through my baggage one step at a time. Sometimes I stumble but thanks to the people in this community, I've learned how to get back up. I've learned to get out of my own way.


I have made progress over the past 9 months. The pictures show the physical, changes but that's just the tip of the iceberg. This very private introvert is charting new territory and if I can do it one baby step at a time, so can you!!!"

"Non-Scale Victory: My ladies and I sure had a good laugh with my jeans today. Guess it's time to retire them 😉 It's also a great feeling to have my shirts loose around the belly. It's these little victories that keep me going strong." Keep going Krista! Your coaches and community are so proud of you! Show her some love!!!

Need some inspiration just to start living a fit life?

"After spending much of 2016 self-sabotaging and making excuses about life hardships, I decided to live by the Questie motto 'No Excuses, No Regrets' and I haven't looked back! November 1st, 2016 I decided I was done with old habits and was excited to make some new ones. My new lifestyle has given me more energy and made me a better person. I am happier then I have been in a long time, and I am finding that I love myself more and more every day!"

"Baby steps eventually get you to where you want to go. So thankful for this group!!"

Jennifer, I'm so proud of your hard work and great changes!

More client success!!

"So many programs and diets help you to lose the weight. However, for so many, the weight comes back with more than was lost once they give up the dieting mentality and return to "normal" life. My1FitLife is all about making your health a lifestyle of great choices that you can LIVE WITH for the rest of your happy, active and healthy life. These clients are here to tell you: it comes off and stays off! And in the process, they are enjoying life more than ever!!"

Let her words inspire you to live your best life.

"I have never shown anyone the pictures on the left taken in 2008. My husband had been cancer free for about 18 months after undergoing surgery, radiation and chemo for pancreatic cancer. Cat scans every three months made me live in fear that it was coming back. I always battled my weight, but this was physically and emotionally the worst time of my life. Don survived pancreatic cancer for 6 years before it came roaring back in 2013. He was a warrior and endured so much to live another two years with chemotherapy.

He died on April 21, 2015. Even though I knew he wasn't going to survive, I was in shock when he did pass. I resumed going to the gym and would find myself sobbing during aerobics classes. But I kept going at least 5 times a week. Getting up every morning, getting dressed and going to the gym saved my life.
Then a year ago I found 1FW. I signed up for the 12-week challenge and met some amazing people in an online community. WHAT? I really could not explain it to anyone, and I didn't feel compelled to explain it. This was mine! Good whole food, movement, exercise, nature, choosing to be happy and personal development were all connected.
And then a WONDERFUL thing happened.
I went to Austin for an Adventure weekend in April 2016, and I MET my new friends in person. I remember running up to each of them and hugging them tightly. And THEN I met another 10 people and another 10 people and another 10 people who had helped me along the 12-week challenge. I joined Quest and continued to nurture some of the best friends I have ever had. I also went to Tahoe and met more new people and reconnected with some of my Austin buds and even traveled from NJ with another friend from 1fw.
I am still learning about myself and how I fit into the world as a single woman.

I am so thankful that I found this community. I feel so much better now.Hope to meet some new friends at the Adventure Weekend in Vegas!"

Our entire coaching staff is so stinking proud of Abe after two 12-Week challenges and 75 pounds of weight loss!!! Everyone wants to know how he did it? Well, he joined our challenge this is nutrition and exercise based, he worked HARD, and he had amazing results.

His own words....

"Results from this challenge - down 25 lbs and 9.5 inches for a total of 75 lbs and 25 inches since July, including 9 inches in my waist. I stalled out the last month, but I realize I need to pick up my exercise
The pictures are from July than October and now- had to put on the belt to keep shorts up 😂😂. Feel great, feel strong and I'm ready for challenge #3."

My heart just smiles when our challenges have this kind of remarkable success. I think my favorite thing as a coach is seeing their confidence return and the big old smile that accompanies pure joy!

Kelly rocked our last 12-week challenge. In her words:"

Well I needed a couple of extra days to hit the number I received when I first signed up for the challenge (and laughed at!)
22 lbs and 17.5 inches

I can't remember feeling better and wanting to live fit! Thank you for the fantastic program and journey."

It's easier to live the life you want than to live with regrets.

Our client Caitlin writes:

"These photos "represent me before the program, during and now. Even at present on my most frustrating days, it is so clear how far I've come both physically and mentally."

“I can not believe that in a few days it will be twelve weeks since I started this journey. Yes I have lost weight but I have gained so much in this process. I can honestly say that I feel amazing! I am very proud of who I am becoming. I am strong and confident and feel good about my body. When I look back at where I was twelve weeks ago I never want to go back. I love eating whole real food and the way it makes me feel. I do not crave the junk and sugar anymore and sure do not miss the way it made me feel. I no longer fear the gym and weights which is awesome because I dislike cardio :). I am so thankful for this opportunity and I am honored to be the first widow chosen. My life is forever changed.

Thank you Michelle, Keith, Lorrie and the entire Quest community.”

Lovin life,