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anti-aging-african-american-womenSkin is our body’s largest organ. Although heavily influenced by genetics, it’s also impacted by our personal care. Many people my age (mid-fifties) who complain about their skin’s lack of elasticity and memory were sun worshipers. If you’re young enough to make this impacting change, recognize that your skin doesn’t have an innate ability to ward of sun damage without a layer of protection and use sunscreen whenever you’re outside.
Whether you’re looking to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy, reduced wrinkling as you age, or gain the ability to shrink your skin during fat loss (slow loss is much better for this than fast), I recommend 8 things for giving the best care for your skin:
1. Drink plenty of water; keep your urine a very pale yellow.
2. Use clean products to wash and moisturize your whole body, head to toe. For help choosing good products, visit (hard to read “continue to site” at bottom right of image will get you past pop up)
3. Use a good strong sunscreen whenever you go out into the sun. Coconut oil has 3f30edf2bea9e114e37a9b26b9432f28natural spf – how about that?! Here’s a recipe for making your own sunscreen:
4. Tone and exfoliate with these bad boys (these are really amazing for soft skin!)
5. Give yourself a facial weekly, complete with a soft scrub, mask and moisturizer. Gently slapping your facial skin UPWARDS during the moisturizing step helps keep skin from sagging.
6. Eat foods high in antioxidants (like berries, dark chocolate and pecans), Vitamin A (eggs and greens) and lycopene (tomatoes), flavonols (kale and cacao), Omega 3’s (Flaxseeds), Vitamin C (sweet potatoes), pigmented fruits (mangoes) and Vitamin E (almonds and peanuts).
7. Avoid toxins. This includes what you eat, what you spray, the chemicals in your hot tub, the air you breathe and more.
8. Get fresh air in your lungs and avoid drying agents like alcohol.older-woman
Whether you’re motivated to avoid skin cancer, slow the signs of aging (which I personally think are beautiful, by the way) or repair damaged skin, these steps will help.

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