Be Happy


No matter how crazy our lives and this world can get, we have to choose to be happy. Our health depends on it. Being happy is a part of being healthy. A person who is not happy, does not have overall health regardless of what their BMI (Body Mass Index) is, or bank account says. Just a simple smile can add years to your life, and change the life of someone else.

Being happy helps your overall health in so many ways. You are less likely to engage in negative or harmful behavior. You are more likely to take care of your body because you want it to last as long as it possibly can. When you are happy, whether it is a bowl of salad or a bowl of pasta, you see the joy in it. People who are happy, smile in the face of a hard workout, or not such good news. Did you know smiling is a mood elevator and a stress reliever? It literally makes you healthier when you smile, not to mention more attractive  – which invites people in. One of whom could make you very happy.

When you have a sense of joy, you are more likely to be outside and get out the house more. There are so many benefits to doing this. One is a great sources of vitamin D which comes from the sun. Having a sufficient amount of vitamin D in the system helps to absorb the calcium in your food which we know help build strong bones in children and babies, and helps maintain strong bones in adults.  Vitamin D is also used in the preventing or treating of conditions such as chronic pain, obesity, osteoporosis, and depression. These things alone could stifle your happiness.  Going outside to exercise or play can not only add to your vitamin intake, it also combats things like obesity and depression, which can also increase the happiness that you feel.

These are only a few examples, but being happy can truly add so much more to your life. It changes your perspective, which can change your behavior, which is all hopefully for the better! Coach Keith

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