Who is One Fit Widow….


What has not killed me has made me stronger. I’m a mother, a business owner, athlete, and a widow. I lost my husband, and then I lost 80 pounds and found that living through loss can change you – dare I say for the better.

In 2009 I was living a wonderful life, traveling the world for my executive job, enjoying the beauty of two very young children, secure in a wonderful marriage, and completely miserable with myself. At 36 I was tired, out of shape, and angry that I had let it get that bad.  206 pounds was my breaking point….I had finally had enough! Rock bottom is a solid place to build a new foundation and that is exactly what I did. 6 weeks into my new healthy lifestyle the bottom dropped out of my life again when my husband of 9 years was killed in a small plane crash. At the time of his death, our children where a 1 and 3. For the first time in my life I knew above all else, it was time to embrace my new love of fitness and utilize it as a tool for my grief journey.

Over the course of the next year and a half, I ran the Phoenix ½ marathon, the San Diego Full Marathon and started training for my first NPC Figure competition.  My weight went from 206.6 pounds with nearly 40% body fat to 138 pounds and an athlete level body fat.

Today I am a certified personal trainer and have chosen to leave the corporate world, to do what I love most – help others find the happiness in their lives via fitness and well-being. I have learned that fitness is a game changer regardless of your life struggles.  I am looking forward to helping you on your journey to a new and better YOU

Why I created One Fit Widow…


8 months after Mitch died I was really struggling. I was training for my marathon, I was fit and healthy but my brain just would not work. Given what I had been through I was doing very well but little details in my life were VERY painful for me….widows call it “widow brain.” This condition made it difficult for me to answer emails, focus on anyone’s life but my own, remember where I put my keys.

So….I went to my doctor who was well aware of all I had been doing to get healthy and I told her my issues, I explained I didn’t feel depressed but maybe I needed to take something to clear my head. She looked me straight in the eyes and said, “Michelle, there is NOTHING better I can prescribe you in this office than what you do for yourself in that gym every single day, ENDORPHINS ARE THE VERY BEST ANTI-DEPRESSANT AROUND.”

And my dream of helping others discover the same thing began…

The Secret Behind the Name One Fit Widow…..


When I started 1fw this summer the name was extremely important to me. Those who don’t know me well might think the name has everything to do with me….it doesn’t. The name is to symbolize anyone who has experienced loss and is determined to live a full and meaningful life. I envision all of us in this community to be One Fit Widow (or survivor or widower).

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