Sitting on a beautiful beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, Michelle Steinke-Baumgard hit a personal rock bottom. She was tired, overworked, overweight and her beautiful life seemed anything but ideal. Michelle had fallen into the trap that happens to so many adults, putting everything and everyone above herself. From that beach, she decided to take her life in her hands when her husband reminded her that “only she could.” Upon arriving home, she threw herself into fitness, and her life started to take a positive shape.

Just a few months later, her husband of nine years and father of their two children was tragically killed in a small plane crash. For the first time, Michelle didn’t use a major life tragedy to quit on her fitness and instead used fitness to help her not quit on her life. Michelle found the deep connection to healthy healing through fitness and went on to start the widely successful blog, One Fit Widow. Michelle realized that those who experience life altering stress and grief need to be reminded that there is a healthy path forward.


A few years later, Michelle was introduced to Keith Baumgard, who had lived through similar life circumstances and ironically had also used fitness as a path to healing from grief. Keith’s best friend Brandon was also killed in a small plane crash, and Keith turned to trail running to move forward. Keith, who has a background in exercise science has studied the mind, body connection at length and programs workouts for the thousands of clients they share through their company, My1FitLife. Keith and Michelle fell in love and share a deep passion for fitness and the healing it provides and the empowerment it brings the soul. Michelle and Keith have inspired thousands at talks all over the world and Michelle’s new book, “Healthy Healing” has already topped the charts on Amazon.