WEEK OF MARCH 31, 2014

COACHES NOTES: This week we are slowing things down a little. I want you to do 3 sets of 8 reps using light/moderate weight, focusing on a  slow rep count (5-8secs.) on both your Eccentric Phase (letting weight down or lengthening of muscle) and Concentric Phase (lifting weight up or shortening of muscle). I really want you to focus on the muscle you are building using Time Under Tension (TUT). There is also some evidence that suggests that eccentric training results in a shift in muscle fibre type to a more fast twitch profile, the type of muscle fibers that are more susceptible to hypertrophy (increase in muscle size of cells). Therefore not only will eccentric training result in greater hypertrophy in the short term, but as your muscle fibers take on a more fast twitch profile you will actually find it easier to gain size with any training you do. This will help you to focus on good form and NOT using momentum or “swinging” of the weights.  I know for some of you this will be tough slowing things down, but use this workout to build your muscles from a different type of training, who knows….you may enjoy it. I know you only are doing 8 reps, but you will feel it!!

Enjoy! Coach Keith


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